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The Expert Enough Manifesto

I stumbled over this Gem💎 when watching Kylie Hunt and Lars Klint speak about “Boosting Productivity through Employee Happiness” on Pluralsight. I stumbled over Kylie and her mission to help people “find their ahha” at NDC Oslo. There’s one thing that really stuck out while watching the course that I’d like to share with you, namely the Expert Enough Manifesto.

The Expert Enough Manifesto

I encourage you to watch the course, embrace the solutions provided, and #findyourahha! Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner imposter!

How do you embrace your inner imposter and accept you are Expert Enough? Share your experiences by reaching out to me directly with your thoughts, questions or criticisms. Or leave a comment below.

  • Rick Pack

    My Twitter feed reminds me of a number of these expressions, such as “Life is an experiment”. I see .NET, data science (R-focused), finance, and personal development tweets in an unpredictable sequence. I am going to explore #findyourahha because I would love to synthesize this information into something valuable.

    • Thanks for dropping by Rick!

      Would be wonderful to see what you come up with for #findyourahha. Be sure to namedrop Kylie Hunt on twitter with whatever you do come up with.

  • Great share. Thanks Pav.

  • I’ve been an imposter, is it called that? Imposteror? Whatever. Well, I’ve been suffering from that most of my professional career. I mostly know why as well, but I can’t help it. This year I signed up for having an international talk at Umbraco’s Codegarden in Odense, Denmark. It felt kind of crazy to do so, knowing I’m new to the solution compared to most of the audience. But somehow I was confident that we had used it in an untraditional way, and that it would be of interest for more than a couple of persons.

    • Traditional or untraditional. There are those who will find value in what you do and take time to share. Either as inspiration, or confirmation on an approach 🙂

      You did a great job with that, Vidar! 🙂

  • I always struggle with this. Feeling like an imposter. But I try to embrace it as much as I can instead. The expert manifesto really captures this in a good way. What I really want is to learn, have fun and experiment with stuff. I sure hope I never feel like I’ve learned it all!

    It actually was part of the premise of my session during the Vestfold Developer meetup. Not knowing something about a topic can be an interesting perspective after all! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Pav!

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