Start of an empathic journey

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit and read this blog.

As software developers we are challenged throughout our careers to deliver great code that accomplishes something valuable for someone. Sometimes that someone is yourself. Other times it could be a customer, end-user or even other developers. All have in common that there is a need that has to be solved and you as a developer have the capability to meet that need.

There are many sources of knowledge that aid us along the way and help us to deliver said value. These are often quite technical in nature, usually with the goal of increasing ones skill set. There are also discussion areas around technologies, social media, chatrooms and comments on other blogs where developers around the world communicate with each other.

As we gain more experience and knowledge, we are often pushed into new challenging scenarios that require more of us. Through work-responsibility, seniority or other personal experiences that shape our view on our craft and how we do our jobs. We are required by said jobs to work in forms that are dictated by an organizational structure with others we may or may not be able to choose.

Starting off as a new developer today is a daunting challenge. There are many different directions our careers can take which may lead us deeper into software, branch out into leadership roles or push us into different fields of expertise all-together. Regardless of how the journey unravels, we take with us an analytical & logical mind. We approach this journey with different mindsets, goals and desired outcomes. There are no fixed rules and no two stories that are alike. What is common for all software developers though are the principles within our craft and that we deliver value to others.

When reflecting upon this, it is obvious that software developers and programming as a profession is a social endeavor and not at all to be confused with the typical stereotype of a nerd in a dark corner of a building with large glasses staring hours on end at a computer screen (except that last part about staring at computer screens!). This is not about being introvert vs extrovert. It is about the need to empathize with others throughout our careers. Empathy is traditionally lacking in our profession, which is obvious when browsing any article or discussion online. It is obvious in the teams we work in and the view that organizations have of us. In this social age it is even more evident than ever in how we reflect upon ourselves, or rather how we don’t do so.

I hope you will join me in this empathic journey to explore how we as developers can embrace empathy, increase our contentment and make software development a good place to be in for anyone.

As with any new endeavor, there are doubts. Is this something people are interested in? Will this provide value to other software developers? All I know is that this provides value to me, and I hope you feel the same way.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or if you’re already on board, you can subscribe for updates in the menu.