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Dealing with feedback when it’s personal

When you  publish any content publicly on the internet, you’re opening up yourself to feedback from others. If you’re lucky someone will care enough to leave a supportive or inquisitive comment. That’s great, it means you’ve written something of value. Sometimes though, the feedback isn’t as positive. It could be that someone disagrees with your viewpoints, or approach to a topic. And sometimes it spills over to be personal. Receiving criticism is hard, especially if you’re venturing out with your content for the first time.

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Developer growth

My personal burnout – Lessons learned

Last week I was on the My Life For The Code podcast and had a really good talk with Shawn Rakowski (He has a fantastic blog and podcast, check them out!). During our talk we touched upon where and how this blog got started and the reasoning on the focus on empathy. I answered as best I could and the topic of my burnout came up. I speak about my burnout quite a bit since it really has been a defining moment in my (recent) life. It’s also an opportunity to follow up Jose Gonzalezrequest for an update on where I am now.

With this blog post I’d like to close this chapter of my life, but at the same time have a reference for my future self. I’ve also attempted to summarize some of my learnings and insights so as to better help others to avoid getting into this place, or maybe to help them out? Maybe even help myself.

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Podcast Interview – My Life For The Code

I love podcasts and consume them whenever I can, so when I saw the opportunity to be a guest on the My Life For The Code Podcast, I jumped straight on it. I had previously listened to Shawn’s interview with Scott Nimrod and loved his format and style.

So here’s the podcast link: Episode 20 – Coding with Empathy with Pavneet Singh Saund

Shawn was a great host and had prepared well. He managed to dig up a few of my breadcrumbs from the internet and  we had a blast talking about burnout, access 95, running and mindfulness.

He also asked me a few question that I’ve been pondering on since the interview, but more on that in another post…

Hope you enjoy it!

Developer growth

6 steps to avoid Developer Procrastination and set yourself up to succeed

Wednesday is my dedicated blog writing day. It’s the day I should sit down to blog for next weeks post that goes out on Tuesday. I turned up on time, but ended up doing some other nice stuff, but that didn’t help me create an actual blog post1.

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