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Making Komplett Big by going small

My colleague, Tomas Ekeli, and I held a presentation at NDC Oslo 2016 (read about my impressions from the conference) about “Making Komplett Big by going small“. It’s a tale of how the development team have played their part in making Komplett a leading Scandinavian / European e-commerce provider. What we’re doing to keep up, and our plans for the future.

If you’re ready to get your feet wet, then go ahead and watch the talk. I’ve added more background information about the talk underneath if you aren’t convinced yet.

The talk

About the talk

The development team at Komplett Group, where I work, is quite lit-up these days. We’re expanding our team and growing fast. To cope up with this a lot of effort was put into our culture and values.

The talk is about our journey as a department and some of the learnings we’ve made along the way. This provides some valuable context for newcomers and for external parties to have a peek inside how an in-house team copes over time.

Our focus in this talk is to give some background on who we are, how our platform and team have evolved over the years, and how we’re ramping up in a major way. We did this by focusing on some of our biggest mistakes, how we’ve learned from them and grown as people and team.

An interesting twist is that we are now a distributed team with people working from 6 locations in Europe: Norway (Sandefjord, 2 in Oslo), Poland (2 offices in Poznan), Belarus (Minsk). I emphasize distributed, and not remote. Almost all our teams consist of up of members from at least 2 countries. Which brings us to sharing culture / values and how we communicate.

Wrapping up

I appreciate if you can take the time to watch the talk and ping me with any feedback on the content, the presentation itself or this summary. Also please reach out to me if you’d be interested in having us over for a session.


Please feel free to reach out to me directly or leave a comment bellow if you have any thoughts, questions or criticisms.