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Coding with Empathy on the Legacy Code Rocks Podcast

I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed on the Legacy Code Rocks podcast. We had the chance to dive into empathy in software development and cover quite a few topics. I feel it was a really good conversation and I learned a lot. Hope you enjoy it!

Episode Link: Coding with Empathy with Pavneet Singh Saund (iTunes)

Non-itunes here

Highlights & Teasers

  • Why Empathy?
  • Communication
  • Shame & Vulnerability
  • Diversity, Privilege & Inclusiveness
  • Empathy in a (distributed) team
  • Listening, Humility & Assumptions

“Empathy is the act of putting yourself into another persons situation and trying to feel what their feeling. vs Sympathy, which is about feeling for another”

“Diversity is me being invited to the party. Inclusiveness isme going and thinking: ‘I’m glad that I went’ “

“Vulnerability feels like fear, but looks like Courage.”

“Communication is just as important as code”

Final Words

I’m a personal fan of the show and its hosts: Andrea Goulet and Scott Ford. They are founders of Corgibytes, a software house that loves to tackle legacy code. Another reason I’m such a fan is because of their focus on empathy at the very core of their company. Andrea is an avid blogger and speaker and has many wonderful perspectives on how to infuse empathy into software development.

I really recommend the Legacy Code Rocks slack channel. Wonderful people and great conversations about tackling the complexity of legacy code.


I really hope you have the chance to listen to this episode out. I would LOVE to hear how you feel on the topics discussed here, and even topics you missed. Please reach out to me directly or leave a comment.

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