About me

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Pavneet, a developer with an ever-growing love for web and the front-end. I care deeply about solving the people’s needs with software and finding simple solutions for users. Software development isn’t a one-man show and I believe we deliver better solutions when working together.

You can also find me engaged in my work for the local .NET User Group in Vestfold, Norway or at the Vestfold Developers Slack community.

You can listen to a little more about my story in the following podcasts:

I started Coding with Empathy with the goal of exploring a softer side of software development. Developers today need to hone their technical skills constantly and keep up to date with the latest and greatest libraries, frameworks and languages. This is a given, but there is far too little focus on the non-technical aspects of being a software developer. I hope to raise this awareness in this blog, alongside the importance of caring about our craft.

When we create software it’s often for a given end-user. This means that we create something that will attend to a persons needs. In other words, we are making a connection between ourselves and another person through our solutions. To actually meet that persons needs, we have to be able to connect with users on a more fundamental level. We seldom create software alone, so to create great things with a group of people you need to work together.

But why listen to anything I have to say? Am I some sort of expert?

Far from it. I’m a regular developer making the same mistakes as “everyone else”. I have found empathy to be of increasing value in my life, professionally and personally. It is through empathy, we can create great experiences for and with others.

I want to learn in public with the posts I write, and hopefully create something of value for others through this blog and am eager to receive feedback, so let me know how it’s going!

Please reach out to me in the comments or just get in touch.

Pavneet – Coding with Empathy